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How to Reveal the Gorgeous Voice you already have, and learn the secrets to keep it healthy and strong.

All Vocal Methods Are Not Created Equal

Why the best voices in every style today (Jazz, pop, R&B, etc…) use the same time-honored techniques developed before the invention of the microphone.

Never Taken Voice Lessons Before?

Why being a complete beginner means you have incredible potential. (And why your car and shower singing is more valuable than you ever thought.)

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Fill in the gaps and fully develop your voice, no matter where you are in your vocal evolution, or how long it's been since you worked on your voice.

Free Vocal Profile Start Training! >>

Phases of Vocal Development

Vocal Training, like fitness training, takes consistent, focused work using the right techniques. If you practice the right stuff you will see significant results. Finally, meet a Vocal Training System that guides you through, from the early stages of developing your voice in private and revealing your own authentic sound to finally owning your audience.

1. Make Your Voice Strong, Healthy, & Beautiful

The initial development of your voice is a private and personal exploration of your sound. During this phase, you'll find and expand the boundaries of what your voice can do. Once you've done the hard work of strengthening the physical parts of the voice and learning what healthy use should feel like, it's easy to find yourself moving toward the next stage…

2. Reveal Your Own Authentic Sound

Why spend all that time growing your capacity for deep inhaled breaths, or strengthening your adduction muscles for a clear intense sound if you aren't able to access the full power of these skills as you sing your songs? Most of the work at this stage of development is about accessing and coordinating your new skills, drilling down into the core of your sound. It's time to put your new voice into action singing the music you love Paired with the ability to interpret and express the emotion of your songs through the techniques you've been learning along the way, the results will blow you away and prepare you for the next stage…

3. Own Your Audience (When You're Ready)

It might be hard for you to imagine right now if you're just starting out, but once you have the voice you've always dreamed of having - the control, the power, the range - and you know how to use it in a healthy, sustainable way in any style you choose, you'll be more than ready for the next step. It's time to learn the last few secrets that will supercharge your performance skills and grab your audience through the poise, confidence, and sex appeal that only this type of training can deliver. Get ready to leave them breathless.

How Training Works

Step 1:

Get Your Baseline

Answer a few easy questions and sing along with a free 20-minute coaching video to get a FREE Vocal Profile Report that details a current snapshot of your Range, Register,Voice Quality, Experience, and Goals.

Step 2:

Take Voice Lessons

Enroll in my 8-week Video Course "Foundations in Vocal Training" to learn everything you need to know about your voice and how to train it using Classical Voice Technique to make your voice sound better in ANY genre of performance.

Step 3:

Train Your Voice

Use our state-of-the-art technology to create your own custom-fit vocal exercises based on your Vocal Profile and start connecting your new knowledge with your vocal experience right away.

Use my Online Vocal Training System to make your voice strong, healthy, and beautiful and finally get the results you're looking for!

Benefits of Classical Vocal Training and Development

The Advantage of Being a Total Beginner

It may sound counterintuitive, but being a beginner is one of the best places to start out in the vocal training journey.

First, as a beginner, you have so much potential, whole unexplored areas of range and register that haven't been developed yet, so there's a lot to be gained by doing vocal training.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation from the outset, rather than piecing it together bit by bit, where you run the risk of leaving gaps in your knowledge as you move from teacher to teacher.

Finally, as a beginner you don't already have bad habits, and no deeply ingrained problems to fix, so you're ready to build a solid foundation from the ground up, with nothing to clear away first. Sky's the limit!

Experienced Singers - Get Your Breakthrough

All voice teachers and programs are not created equal. If you've already worked with a local voice teacher or purchased another online program available on the internet, it's likely you may have an incomplete vocal training foundation.

If that's the case, your vocal knowledge is missing key elements that are critical to your vocal success. The worst part about that is not knowing what's missing. What simple fundamental concept didn't you get that's now holding you back from getting the sound you want?

I'm committed to making sure you have everything you need at each stage of your vocal development to help you succeed at your goals.

If you're going to put all that time and effort into practicing, it’s good to know you’re putting your voice into trustworthy and qualified hands that can get you solid results, quickly and efficiently.

I'm Dr. Bridges, and I can help you sing.

Meet Dr. Bridges

Emily Anna Bridges is a soprano, expert vocal coach, and founder of the Academy of Voice. She completed her Ph.D. in Music at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, where she studied Composition and Early Music History. She also studied voice as an undergraduate music major at Colby College and abroad with European opera singers. As a singer, she was schooled in the Bel Canto tradition, an early, light, and more natural operatic technique. She also has an undergrad degree in biology and worked extensively (over 8 years) in medical research labs at Harvard and Penn.

Since 2010, Dr. Bridges has been teaching full time in her Center City Philadelphia studio, where she has helped hundreds of students reach their vocal goals. Data-driven and committed to teaching each voice as an individual, her classical vocal training, experience as a composer, and scientific background gave her the diverse tools she needed to forge a novel, custom-fit, goal-based vocal training system that gets great results for singers of any genre at any level of experience.

Less about Dr Bridges

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Take The Next Step

I can help you learn to sing, but the first step in that process is getting your Vocal Profile - your baseline, a snapshot of your voice.

One simple test will reveal:
  • Your vocal history
  • Your goals for your voice
  • What your voice sounds like right now - your range, register and vocal quality.

You have this information locked away inside your voice, and I can help you to unlock it so you can take the first step toward understanding your talents and your areas for growth.

This vocal questionnaire and assessment is absolutely free for a limited time. It’s valuable, so it won’t be free forever. But right now I’m excited to help get you started, so it’s my gift to you, a free report all about your voice. Then, if you like my coaching style and you’re interested in working with me or taking my online course, you can sign up.

Even if you've never taken lessons or even sing for anyone before, you can test for your vocal profile. It's

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Teaching Philosophy

One of the defining beliefs of my teaching philosophy is that classical voice training is transformative and healthy for the voice, and results in a gorgeous sustainable sound when performing music from any genre or style. That includes pop, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel, folk, alternative, musical theater, vintage, and many others, including classical.

Just as important as what a car looks like is what’s under the hood. I want my singers to have strong healthy muscles for singing… that’s what’s under the hood. And for that kind of transformation at the core of the voice, Classical technique is always superior. >>> Read More