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5 Ways You Miss Out When You Only Sing One Style

Jumpstart your love life, make your parents proud, and impress friends on the fly --- here are five ways you miss out when you only sing one style.

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The Shortest Path to a Strong, Healthy and Beautiful Voice

One expert vocal coach and her team at the Academy of Voice are currently working away to develop the best Vocal Training System ever. Hundreds of active subscribers are already convinced. So who is this vocal training coach, and what is she doing so right?


How this App Will have you Training Your Voice from Day One, Whatever Your Motivation

What do you want from your vocal training? Are you trying to expand your range? Do you want to beef up your low end or clear up the high end of your voice? Maybe you'd like to have a stronger diaphragm and a deeper breath so you can finish your phrases. Maybe you’d like your belt to be stronger or your falsetto to be higher. Whatever your motivation, there's an app that’ll have you training your voice from day one.