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Congratulations! You’ve taken a major step toward taking your voice to the next level.

To begin your transformation, I invite you to enroll in my Vocal Training Program and get your Custom-Fit Vocal Exercises, which are tailored to your exact unique range and experience level.

With Vocal Training, it IS possible to:

  • Make your Breathing Bigger - Give your engine more fuel! My cutting-edge breathing exercises use neurologic and body mapping techniques to trick your brain into giving you access to strengthen your diaphragm in a way no other exercises will. With this method, you can significantly increase your total air intake volume and learn how to access this newfound strength while you sing.
  • Gain Intensity Across Your Whole Range - Do areas of your voice feel weak or breathy? They certainly don’t have to. Not only is this block keeping your sound in the background; it’s very unhealthy to use a voice in a weakened condition like this. The larynx can be exercised to strengthen the tiny adduction muscles so your vocal cords can make healthy contact with each other. This proper use of the larynx gives you clear increases in volume, intensity and clarity, and decreases the friction and damage caused by weakness or instability in these muscles. Get training to protect yourself - don’t leave your voice vulnerable another second.
  • Reveal your Resonance - Once you’ve done the work to strengthen and stabilize the larynx it’s time to open up your natural resonance. Mixed with the right natural singing posture and clear, beautiful vowels, this resonance will take your sound to the next level and you can experience the beauty you’ve always wanted for your voice.

Finally you can get qualified and personalized support to make your voice beautiful at all stages of your vocal development. From “Total Beginner!” to “Already Gorgeous”

Even if you’ve never taken lessons, are a complete beginner, or feel your voice needs a lot of work, you can benefit from this easy-to-use vocal training system that was created for all singers, not just experts or those who have studied before.

And after you’ve acquired an excellent sound as your foundation, you’ll know what to do next.

My proven method will help you take your voice to the next level, no matter where you start out. Your exercises are based on your range and experience level, so everyone can benefit.

And, whether you’ve worked with me from the beginning to become great, or you’re already an expert singer with a gorgeous sound, giant range, generous breathing capability and expert level vocal control, you’ll learn the easiest way to maintain those skills in the shortest amount of time while showing you how to maintain your vocal health and beauty for the long term.

Finally… an Effective Solution to the Problem of Finding Quality Online Vocal Training

In the past, it wasn’t possible to teach effective lessons online. Other supposed voice gurus and ineffective sites waste your time with exercises not fit to your own voice, or even no scales at all! By skipping the basics needed for YOUR voice, those products can't address true development of the voice in a safe, effective way. Those methods can give you tips on posture, tips, or general coaching help that might make your performances incrementally better, but until now it’s been impossible to really train and develop a voice safely and effectively online.

NO LONGER! The Academy of Voice is the first online Vocal Training resource that gives users a Voicessment and a Full Vocal Profile Report that measures your initial baseline. This program also includes 12 hours of Video Voice Lessons that explain to you step by step how to do each exercise in the Vocal Training Program, and teach you all the fundamentals about the voice that you need to train yours effectively. Foundations of Vocal Training includes all of the teaching materials and exercises I cover with my students in the first 2 months of in-studio lessons! This course will teach you all you need to know to set up your daily Vocal Training Practice Routine and start getting results fast!

Best of all, you don’t have to practice alone. You have access to the VTrain Exercise Generator to help you through each and every practice! Each week as you unlock and complete new Video Voice Lessons, your new Exercises unlock as well, including those that are Custom-Fit to your range and vocal experience level. Then you can check your progress and see how your voice is growing by repeating your Voicessment and getting new Vocal Profile Reports.

Get ready to make significant vocal progress with this powerful, complete Vocal Training System that’s custom-fit to your voice!

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I invite you to join us today, and get ready to make significant vocal progress with this powerful, complete Vocal Training System that’s custom-fit to your voice!

Choose your preferred Academy of Voice membership package to get started right now. Each package includes my Foundations in Vocal Training course, 8-Weeks of in-depth, high-quality Video Voice Lessons that will teach you about how the voice works, what our goals as singers should be, and how to do all of the exercises in our Vocal Training Practices.

Starter Silver Membership

Anyone can afford to start Vocal Training with this membership, even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a singer. In addition to your Vocal Profile Report and the Foundations in Vocal Training course, you’ll get 10 Practice Sessions per month with the VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System. Silver includes everything you need to get started, find your voice, and get on the path to developing an excellent sound.

Go for Gold Membership

I recommend this membership for singers who want to get stronger results. Get a full 5 practices per week with the VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System and feel your vocal range, intensity and stamina take root and grow quickly. With your Gold membership, you’ll retake your Voicessment after 3 months to measure your progress.

You’ll also be able to join monthly calls with me to keep you on track and get access to Personal Coaching packages with me so I can help you develop the songs you want to work on. If you want professional level results, this is the package for you.

Power Platinum Membership

Take it all the way and ensure your success with our most supportive vocal training package yet. With Platinum membership you’ll get monthly Voicessments and Vocal Profile Reports for maximum feedback and motivation. You’ll get unlimited VTrain Practice Sessions for ultimate performance and growth.

Then there’s the option to get more personal and let me help you make your voice gorgeous easier, faster, and without making mistakes. You’ll get weekly on-track calls and access to private coaching packages with me.

And if available, you’ll get an invitation to join my $10,000 Inner Circle as soon as the next opening comes up so you can join me in person together with the other top Academy of Voice students once every 3 months for a 2 day intensive training, mentorship, and all-around fun time together. Platinum is a package for people who like to do things big!

Choose a plan that’s right for you...

Starter Silver

$19.95 /month

  • Bi-Annual Voicessment and
    Vocal Profile Report
  • Foundations in Vocal Training
    (8-week intensive course)
  • Package of 10 Practices Sessions per month with the VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System.

Go for Gold

$29.95 /month

  • Quarterly Voicessment and
    Vocal Profile Report
  • Foundations in Vocal Training
    (8-week intensive course)
  • Package of 20 Practices Sessions per month with the VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System.
  • Monthly On-Track Call with Dr. Bridges
  • Access to Coaching Packages

Power Platinum

$49.99 99.95 /month

  • Monthly Voicessment and
    Vocal Profile Report
  • Foundations in Vocal Training
    (8-week intensive course)
  • Unlimited Practices Access to VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System
  • Weekly On-Track Call with Dr. Bridges
  • Access to Coaching Packages
  • $10,000.00 Inner Circle Invitation
  • Video Voice Lessons to get you started training your voice

  • Voicessments and Vocal Profile Reports to check your progress

  • VTrain Practice System with Custom-Fit Vocal Exercises

  • On-Track Voice Calls with Dr.Bridges

  • Access to Coaching Packages with Dr.Bridges

  • Inner Circle Invitation ( when available )

Here’s A Bit More About Dr. Emily Anna Bridges Your New Vocal Coach and Founder of the Academy of Voice

  • Underwent years of vocal training with opera singers in Europe and the USA and has performed for decades as a soprano in several genres.
  • Earned her Ph.D. in Music from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009.
  • Has helped hundreds of students and stars make their voices strong, healthy and beautiful with classically-based vocal training instruction in her Philadelphia voice studio and online worldwide.
  • Is revolutionizing the way that vocal training is taught online, with the invention of the Voicessment, the Vocal Profile Report, and the VTrain Exercise Practice System with vocal exercises customized to fit each unique vocal range and experience level. Finally Dr. Bridges has made it possible to access classically-based, healthy, custom-fit vocal training that develops your voice quickly and effectively.
  • Can help you train your voice with her proven, solid vocal training system. She can help you no matter how much experience you have, whatever kind of music you want to sing, wherever you happen to be in the world, and with membership packages that almost anyone can afford.

Click Now and End All Excuses

Even if you think your voice needs too much work, or that you’ve missed your chance to develop a strong, healthy beautiful voice…

Even if you have a lot of vocal training, performance, and singing experience, and you think it’s impossible to get strong results with an online platform…

Even if you think you can only improve your voice in person with a teacher in a local studio…

Look, it’s not magic. Training your voice is a lot like going to the gym. Whatever level you are at, you will get stronger, healthier, and more toned. Your body will be more functional and you will feel better using it. Same with Vocal Training. Whatever level you start at, if you practice exercises that are fit to your voice with the right coaching along the way and the knowledge of what you are aiming for, there is nothing that can stop you from making your voice stronger, healthier and more beautiful.

There has never been a better time to train your voice. Because of these exciting new breakthroughs in vocal training technology --- the Voicessment, the Vocal Profile Report, and the VTrain Vocal Exercise Practice System, along with my complete course of Video Voice Lessons to coach you through, there is no reason why you can’t get access to excellent vocal training that really works, conveniently, affordably, and get amazing results like all my other students.

Take the next step and join the Academy of Voice, and start making your voice gorgeous now!