Improves Your Voice So You Can Reach Your Vocal Goals

Each of these tools helps you to develop your voice so you can sing stronger, healthier and more beautifully.

VTrain Practice App

Use the VTrain Practice App to stay on target with your vocal training.

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VTrain Vocal Exercise Generator

Our powerful exercise generation technology creates Custom-Fit vocal exercises tailored to your range and experience level, getting you the fastest and most substantial results.

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Easily Train Your Voice From Anywhere

Keeping track of a practice routine can be confusing. With the VTrain Practice App, you’ll always know what to do next, as you practice along with graphics, slides, illustrations and recordings, simple and easy. Conveniently train your voice from anywhere you go, on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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New Exercises Unlock Automatically.

As soon as you complete a voice lesson and are ready to try a new exercise, your practice app will automatically expand to include the new material. Your singing grows with your knowledge - our app will make sure you always know exactly what to do next.

Video Voice Lessons

Get your voice in shape with better range, breathing, intensity and flexibility and bring your new voice to the songs you love best. Learn how your voice works, how to train it, and how to apply that training to make your songs shine.

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Intro to Voice

This mini-course jumpstarts your training. Feel your confidence boosted when you understand how your voice works, what aspects of singing can be improved, and how training can help you develop your vocal talents.

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Breathing Boot Camp

Strengthen your diaphragm, or “breathing muscle” with Dr. Bridges’ exclusive 3-dimensional breathing exercises. Achieve a larger inhaled breath so you can sing longer, higher, on better pitch and with more resonance than you ever thought possible.

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Vocal Training Exercises

Learn targeted exercises to create a good singing posture, strengthen your larynx or “voice box,”, perfect your vowels, increase your range, intensity, resonance and vocal health. Learn exactly what to focus on during each exercise to get the maximum return on your investment.

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How To Practice

Nurture your vocal growth.. Learn exactly the right method, frequency, and environment in which to achieve optimum vocal growth with your practices.

Vocal Profiler

Test your voice and get a snapshot of where your range and vocal quality are right now. What’s your potential? Take this easy quiz with a short singalong, and get a report on your vocal profile, a snapshot of your voice as of right now.

Customize Your Training

Once your Vocal Profile is complete, you’ll be able to practice Custom-Fit Vocal Exercises that fit your range. You’ll also have important information with which to choose songs that will fit your voice.

Measure Your Success

Use the Vocal Profiler to collect the data you need to quantify how much you’ve improved and to set new goals for your singing voice.

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