Singing better has never been so easy.

Watch video voice lessons and learn everything you need to know in order to train your voice!

Learn how your voice works
and how to use it to your advantage.

The Video Voice Lessons give you the experience of virtually standing right next to an expert vocal coach and learning how to train your voice.

Learn exactly how your voice works.

Train your voice knowing you are focusing on all the right things.

Find out how to leverage new tools and training to boost your performances.

Academy Of Voice Astronaut

It’s a new day for vocal training...

In the old days you had to find a teacher, go to lessons, and practice your music with a binder. We all know that the time, expense, and inconveniences of this process kept most singers from pursuing their passion.

Those days are gone thankfully! With AoV’s Online Vocal Training Studio, you can start take lessons just as if you were going to see an expert in the voice studio. The added benefit is you now have technological tools to make your lessons, practice sessions, and checking in on your progress fast, easy, and convenient.

Do that gig you’ve been wanting to do.

Sing at your daughter, sister, or friend’s wedding. Do a church solo. Audition for a choir. Make that recording you’ve been wanting to try. Start a band or move up from backup vocals to lead. Sing your own songs or make a cover for YouTube. Sound better on Smule, impress your friends on karaoke night, or just get the vocal training you’ve always wanted. Explore your voice just for yourself, get a sound like your favorite artist, or push beyond to find your own distinct style. It’s never too late to learn new skills.

Get real vocal benefits. Quickly.

Weeding through the internet to find exercises that can help you can lead to training paralysis when you end up getting nothing accomplished. Studying voice in an online training program like AoV is comprehensive. With solid instruction, proven methods, customized tools to make practicing convenient and personalized, there’s no excuse not to increase your range, boost your breathing, turn up your intensity, and clarify your sound, all while supporting good vocal health and reinforcing good singing habits.

One of the first things singers find when training at AoV is that there are multiple ways to improve your singing. Once you start working on these areas, you’ll feel and hear a huge difference in how you sing your songs. If you’ve never sung before, you’ll find your voice and make it stronger. If you used to sing and stopped, you’ll get right back on track. If you’re a more developed singer, you’ll learn a completely fresh approach to fill in any gaps and get your voice optimized, so you can take your singing to the next level.