Find out more about your voice, customize your training, and sing the music that showcases your sound best.

And know exactly how much progress you’ve made training your voice.

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Discover the hidden potential in your voice!

The Vocal Profiler gets a snapshot of your voice where it is right now and generates easy-to-understand reports that display your range, vocal quality and more.

You’ll learn a lot about how high and low you can sing, what areas of your range are developed, and where you have room to grow to your fullest potential.

The Vocal Profile information is interpreted in several sections in your report, each providing a unique and valuable look at how your voice performs when you sing.

Academy Of Voice Report

Vocal Experience

We’re proud to be the originator of Voicessment technology, the programming that drives the Vocal Profiler. We designed our Vocal Profile Report to quickly show you an assessment of your experience level and your vocal background.

Academy Of Voice Report

Range Register Report

Know where your sweet spots, weak spots, highest notes and lowest notes fall. The Range Register Report shows you what areas of your range to show off, and what areas need more work. This information can help you choose songs that will showcase your voice and make performances easier.

Academy Of Voice Report

Vocal Quality Report

For those of you who prefer a more precise look and want to see individual areas of your range and corresponding vocal goals, this report is for you. The Vocal Quality Report displays color-coded bars that represent strengths and weaknesses with specific goals to be attained laid out so you can follow your progress over time in a defined data-driven way.

Academy Of Voice Report

Vocal Age

This part of the report is for those who want to understand how their vocal age is affecting their singing and what can be done about it. Whether you are younger, middle-aged or older, your voice will encounter challenges. Understanding them is the first step to overcoming age-related obstacles, attaining the appropriate vocal skills, getting your voice in shape at any age, and realizing your performance dreams.