VTrain Practice App

Ridiculously Easy Singing Practice

La, laa, laaa...

Are you ready? It's time to sing or swim!

Strengthen, boost, and tune your voice so you can get
out there and sing!

AoV’s VTrain Practice System is a tool that keeps it simple. No complicated setup here, just log in and start training your voice. Warm up, do some vocal exercises, sing your own songs, and cool down, all in a snap with just your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Just log in and start training. Exercises unlock as you complete your lessons and you’ve covered the material.


Develop and explore your voice. Get your voice back in shape. Take your singing to the next level. No prior knowledge necessary. A stronger voice benefits any singer, no matter your level or genre.


Take deeper breaths, hit higher or lower notes, strengthen your voice across the board. Exercises are custom-fit to your range, further enhancing your results.

Super simple set-up!

Getting started is easy. Log in to your dashboard, click on the Practice Program, and start training!

Start training in a flash

Start training in minutes knowing you are doing all the right things in the right order every time. VTrain takes you through your entire practice step by step, with graphics, illustrations, and recordings to guide you along the way.

Continuous optimization

Train your voice with personalized exercises that grow with you as your voice improves. Each time you measure your vocal profile, your exercises recalibrate to keep challenging you no matter how much your voice grows.